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How It Works

Often, one of the first associations people make with digital transformation is incorporating more social media in their advertising and communications efforts. It is true that social media management is one of the key digital integrations for remaining competitive in our networked age.

Social media management benefits greatly from uniformity and consistency, leaning heavily on analytics and understanding the consumer. Across all platforms, there should be some degree of regularity in tone, messaging, visual style and so on for a brand, tailored to the target audience. This should be matched with consistency in the timing of posts. It is far better to post once a week than putting out four posts suddenly in the last few days of the month.

Crafting this consistent brand image, executing it effectively for each given platform, with regularity requires expert support. This is where QA offers help. We draw analytics from various sources to see what works for a given brand. We then use that information in service of the strategic goals of the social media campaigns, designing a bespoke look that hits the key points for each client, consistent across platforms. We structure a timetable to deliver content regularly, and at optimal times for the target audience.

Our philosophy at QA is to understand our clients, their goals, and their customers to build an entire strategy for their digital transition, a large part of which is their social media presence. Making sure to hit the mark the first time means less time wasted in rebuilding trust after previous failed attempts. This is why we believe in long term planning, with room built in for reactivity and spontaneous engagement.